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IOI Quality Standards for Orgamatics Topics


The International Orgtology Institute (IOI) regulates the practice of orgtology. To do so, the IOI must set standards that will create a minimum level of quality for orgtology practitioners.

In my blog; "What is Orgamatics?" I explain systematics. It is an area of orgtology where we study the behaviour and movement of organisational systems. The aim is to grasp what it takes to be a Relevant & Performing Organisation (RPO). To grasp orgamatics, we study processes and projects; efficiency and effectiveness; as well as implied and tacit intelligence.

Orgamatics has three basic systems. These are:

  1. A resource system;
  2. An orgtelligence system; and
  3. A relationship system.

Below are the quality standards that we currently have for orgamatics topics. As the IOI creates and updates orgamatics standards, I will update this blog post.

Standards for "Develop a Strategy".


IOI Standard:


  • 1.

Define Org.

  • Define the purpose of Org.
  • Develop a business model for Org.
  • Develop organisational values.




  • 2.

Understand the reality of Org.

  • Understand the EOP of Org.
  • Extract operational systems, core targets, and top ten risks from the process construct.
  • Assess the strategic position of Org.
  • Assess the RPO maturity of Org.





  • 3.

Create strategic intent.

  • Develop strategic intent through the 5V model.


  • 4.

Define the strategic intervention.

  • Define strategic objectives.
  • Create V4 targets.
  • Create a work breakdown for the programmes and projects that will execute V4 targets.




  • 5.

Develop a strategic document.

  • Develop a strategy document.


  • 6.

Execute and monitor the strategy.

  • Monitor the execution of strategy.


The International Orgtology Institute articulates these standards on their website www.orgtology.org.


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