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What is a Relationship Construct?

Orgamatics Relationship Construct
When asked, people give many reasons for a relationship. Somehow, the deeper you dig, the closer you get to the self. This should be obvious, because in absence of the self, a relationship cannot exist. The reason for any relationship is always to benefit the self in some way. Such benefit could be the availability of physical resources; psychologi...
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Nine Steps to be Beyond Comparison

Beyond Comparison
When we talk "BEYOND COMPARISON" we think, Johnny Depp; Nelson Mandela; Madonna; Desmond Tutu; Michael Schumacher; Oprah Winfrey; Vladimir Putin, and many others… But there is also Jorge Wilson the accountant, Willie Shabalala the sales executive, and John Naidoo the artist, whose names you will never hear.Whatever your trade, there will be people ...
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The Science of Start: linking Orgtology and new business incubation.

This article will explore the link between Orgtology, the science of organisations, and its implications on new business. Orgtology deals fundamentally in dualistic inverse relationships (Hypothesis 2x™) as defined and discussed in this article.  Here I will consider the relationship between purpose and intent as it relates to the cr...
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You are because love is…

The "good and bad" as well as the "right and wrong" that we perceive and accept in our journey brings a reality of "now". This is what we are conscious of in the moment. As we grow older day by day, we learn novel words, which we use to speak our "truths". And as we meet new people, we will use our "truth" to judge them. ​ In this journey ther...
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