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Orgtologist Certification Program (OCP)
The task of an executive team is to ensure performance and secure relevance. That is the bulk of their work. The word “orgtology” joins “organisation” with the Greek word “logy”. The science of organisation. It is a holistic way that helps us to drive relevant performance. This is one thing that business schools often lack to teach. The program is highly suitable for senior managers, directors, and executives.

We regulate the practice of Orgtology.

Welcome to the International Orgtology Institute.
The International Orgtology Institute (IOI) regulates the practice of Orgtology. This includes the certification of Orgtologists and the setting of standards for the practice in orgtology.
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What is Orgtology?


Orgtology studies workplace systems and dynamics with the aim to increase performance and ensure relevance. The word is a blend between "organisation" and the Greek word "-logy", meaning the science of organisation. An Orgtologist can help organisations to perform and stay relevant. It holds eight core theories that deal with orgtelligence; work; results; leadership; team dynamics; and intrapersonal wellbeing.

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What is Orgamatics?

Orgamatics 3

Orgamatics is an orgtology field of study. Through this, we use scientific method to create strategy and drive operational efficiency. In so, it is key to grasp organisational systems. This includes orgtelligence (systems intelligence & human intellect), work (processes & projects), and results (efficiency & effectiveness). The term blends the words, "organisation" and "mathematics". It denotes the mathematical construct of an organisation.

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What is Organamics?


Organamics is an orgtology field of study. In this field, we study the effect that people dynamics have on organisations. People can be abstract, unpredictable, and innovative. In so, they create a dynamic that is hard to grasp. We call this the X-Factor. It creates intrapersonal relations, teamwork, and leadership. These dynamics can change the nature of an organisation. The term blends the words, "organisation" and "dynamics".

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20 July 2021
Strategy Development and Implementation
One of the aims of a model is to create a simplistic understanding of something. An architect will create a model to visualise an end-result. A mathematician could create a model to ease calculations for others. For organisations, we create a busines...
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28 June 2021
Strategy Development and Implementation
The first phase of any strategic process must always be to know who we are and then to decide what we want to do with that. The strategic process thus begins with an understanding of purpose and intent. E.g., there are many boxers in the world and th...
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26 June 2021
Strategy Development and Implementation
To succeed, any organisation must thrive in a fast changing and dynamic world. The effect of this is that strategy must be intelligent and dynamic. It might be that much of what you know about strategy is obsolete. Research shows that old ways of cre...
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13 June 2021
Practical Application of Orgtology Theory
On first acquaintance, orgtology might seem like a new name for old shoes. This is not the case, since orgtology has specific assumptions about organisation. These differ significantly from traditional organisational thinking. Executives who use orgt...
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28 May 2021
Practical Application of Orgtology Theory
Change is what makes life possible. The human ability to create intent beyond purpose is what sets us apart from the normal evolutionary change that occur in other animals. I.e., we can be revolutionary. E.g., a hawk can choose to catch a rabbit...
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