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Orgtology Q & A

Questions and answers about orgtology
On first acquaintance, orgtology might seem like a new name for old shoes. This is not the case, since orgtology has specific assumptions about organisation. These differ significantly from traditional organisational thinking. Executives who use orgtology as management tool, find it impossible to revert to traditional methods. Below is a podcast in...
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Change Management – an orgtology perspective

Change is what makes life possible. The human ability to create intent beyond purpose is what sets us apart from the normal evolutionary change that occur in other animals. I.e., we can be revolutionary. E.g., a hawk can choose to catch a rabbit or a mouse, but it cannot choose to become a vegetarian. The hawk's choice is locked into its purpo...
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1. Abstract Sustained success is achieved if leadership establish the delicate balance between seeking optimum efficiency from running operations through business processes and executing projects to change the business at the right time to adapt to external factors. This is to ensure the organization remains a relevant member of its ecosystem. Stro...
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Orgotology practice as a panacea to challenges posed by 4IR to leaders and managers of 21st organizations. : Shaping a New Era

 Abstract  Blurred boundaries between man and machine, autonomous machines performing tasks and operations, digitization and integration of value chains, human 2.0. etc. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is not only on our front porch but is in our living rooms. In the last two decades, our world has been a consequence of c...
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Introduction  This descriptive and referenced essay intends to demonstrate the understanding of the philosophy, Hypothesis 2x of Orgtology, which is defined as the study of organisations (Hendrikz 2020), and its practical applicability to establish and maintain a relevant and performing Organization (Org). The Org. in question must be a going ...
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Measuring Relevance in an Organisation: Orgtology Perspective
Introduction  Orgtology is a study of organisation and the consciousness that constructs it (Hendrikz 2020). It is a scientific study of how to run and change an organisation. In essence, it is a scientific study of how to ensure performance and secure relevance of an organisation. Thus, orgtology provides a unique perspective to understanding...
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Leadership versus Management: An Orgtology Perspective on the Roles of a Coach and Captain During the 90+ Minutes in a Soccer Match

Stephen Keshi, coaching Nigeria at World Cup 2014. He was known as the 'Big Boss'.
Introduction and Research Questions  Who leads and who manages between the beginning and final whistles of the referee in soccer? Does the coach lead and the captain manage? Or, does the coach manage and the captain lead? Is it simple to discern the two roles during a match? If there is complexity, can we clearly define and understand the role...
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Sameness and Difference – the core of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion – an Orgtology perspective

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion - an Orgtology Perspective
I am Caucasian, male, 52 years old, and speak with an Afrikaans accent. It is my fixed identity. Physically I cannot be anything else than that. Yet mentally I can be an incredible variety of that. My body is an algorithm. It restricts me. My mind is abstract. It frees me. Jointly, they become an expression of who and what I am. As humans we expres...
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Corporate Governance: from an Orgtology Perspective

A Shift in Thinking
INTRODUCTION  Across the globe, the catchphrase in organizations is 'corporate governance'. Undoubtedly, 'corporate governance', is widely known for organizational achievement. It is associated with successful organizations. While the mentioning of 'corporate governance' represents excellence and reputation, critics however, believe it is just...
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Using Orgtology Theory to Create and Sustain Relevant and Performing Innovation-Based Organisations

 Introduction Orgtology is a study of organisation (Org) and the consciousness that constructs it. It is also defined as the science of organisation. (Hendrikz 2020) In developing an understanding of an organisation through Orgtology, one can then come up with solutions to help the organisation exist more optimally in both performance and rele...
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IOI Quality Standards for Orgamatics Topics

The International Orgtology Institute (IOI) regulates the practice of orgtology. To do so, the IOI must set standards that will create a minimum level of quality for orgtology practitioners. In my blog; "What is Orgamatics?" I explain systematics. It is an area of orgtology where we study the behaviour and movement of organisational systems. The ai...
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