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Nine Steps to be Beyond Comparison

Beyond Comparison
When we talk "BEYOND COMPARISON" we think, Johnny Depp; Nelson Mandela; Madonna; Desmond Tutu; Michael Schumacher; Oprah Winfrey; Vladimir Putin, and many others… But there is also Jorge Wilson the accountant, Willie Shabalala the sales executive, and John Naidoo the artist, whose names you will never hear. Whatever your trade, there will be people...
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The difference between vision and mission – an orgtology perspective

The difference between mission and vision - an orgtology perspective.
In leadership and strategy development, mission and vision are both first and foremost. But what is their difference? Which one is first and how does one conclude them? The difference between vision and mission is a confused and misunderstood concept. In many cases they say the same thing, but in a different word order. Even in fortune 500 companie...
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What is Organamics?

Organamics - a study of workplace dynamics.
Organamics is an orgtology field where we study the effect of people dynamics on organisational functioning. Humans create workplace dynamics. This stimulates growth, development, and change. Organamics studies the effect of that on the performance and relevance of Org. The term blends the words "organisation" and "dynamics". The basic assumption o...
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