Who is the International Orgtology Institute (IOI)?

The International Orgtology Institute
On 24 July 2018, Derek Hendrikz registered the IOI as a non-profit organisation under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act. In doing so, those who practice orgtology now own it. The reason that Derek set up the IOI was to create a neutral body that will regulate the practice of orgtology™. Through this initiative the world can gain from it...
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You are because love is…

The "good and bad" as well as the "right and wrong" that we perceive and accept in our journey brings a reality of "now". This is what we are conscious of in the moment. As we grow older day by day, we learn novel words, which we use to speak our "truths". And as we meet new people, we will use our "truth" to judge them.  In this journey there...
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