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To succeed, any organisation must have employees that helps it to perform and stay relevant. people who are in a sound state of mind are productive employees. This implies that they can manage themselves and others. In organamics we study the dynamics that divide that move people from good to great. We thus study the X-Factor. The Workplace Excellence programme incorporates the organamics studies into practical solution for people who want to be both relevant and performing.

The International Orgtology Institute (IOI) endorses this workshop. Therefore, we base the workshop on the IOI orgtology theories and principles. On completion of the workshop participants should have tools and skills to be meaningful individuals within the workplace. This implies that they will be able to manage themselves and other in an efficient and effective way.

Who should attend this training?
• All employees.
• Management teams.
• Divisions, departments, or units that want to strengthen their team spirit and learn more about each other.
• Teams who must work together.
• Project teams who do not have limited time to get to know each other.

About Your Presenter…
Derek Hendrikz is the creator of orgtology and a practicing Orgtologist. He is also founder of the International Orgtology Institute (IOI). As trainer; speaker; and consultant he has international experience in the field of orgtology. During the past twenty years, more than 70 000 participants have attended his workshops and seminars. He has also worked with more than 200 organisations, in 27 countries. Derek specialises in the training of executive teams, and mostly trains Board Members and EXCO teams in a variety of orgtology applications.

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Day 1: Intrapersonal Efficiency

Who am I?
We guide the participant to define his or her purpose. This is a process of asking questions and self-reflection. We use metaphors to encourage honest self-reflection. Our experience is that most participants find this session extremely meaningful. Yet, we know where to draw the line between meaningful self-reflection and a funeral procession.
Following are some of the items we cover:
My purpose.
What I am good at.
What I am terrible at.
The worst thing that could happen to me.
The best thing that could happen to me.
The consequence of defining the above.
The best place for me to be.
The session is informal. We have a relaxed open discussion, followed by a session of introspection. We end the session with a light discussion. Speaking during this session is optional. Participants may be silent during the session if they so wish.

My window of the world:
During this session we work with the concept of paradigm. It is about how we see the world through the lenses of our values and beliefs. We explore how these values and beliefs influence our perceptions. We also ask how this influences our behaviour.
Key items that we cover:
Values and beliefs.
Behaviour and expression.
We play a game during the session to help participants grasp the concept of paradigm. We also discuss workplace dynamics and how we contribute to them.

Anxiety, fear, and victimisation:
Understanding anxiety and its consequence. We help participants to see the link between anxiety and fear. During this session we probe research on the link between anxiety, fear, and victimisation. Participants are also given tools to deal with anxiety.
The cause and consequence of anxiety, fear, and victimisation.
Stress – understanding and managing it.
Confidence and self-image.
Learning to define reality within the moment and knowing that the moment will pass.

Manage the self:
The session aims to enhance the participants efficiency. This implies defining the rules you live by and taking control of time and processes. No person has infinite time. We are all bound by a clock. Participants will learn how to link time to who you are and what you want.
The link between individual purpose and process efficiency.
How the rules you live by will shape your future.
Defining the High Performing Individual.
The link between emotional intelligence and efficiency.

Day 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness

Who are we?
In this session we work with human diversity. What makes us different, and how are we the same?
The difference between a group and a team.
Written and unwritten rules that groups and teams have.
The concept of collective identity and culture.
Purpose and intent – the building blocks of collective identity.

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngamantu (I am because we are):
This session works with the importance of relationships. Inevitably this implies intrapersonal skills. The way we bond, solve problems, communicate, assert ourselves, etc., will define our relationships. This directly influences workplace interaction.
Working with difficult people.
Using values to draw the line.
Establishing meaningful relationships.

Finding my voice:
This session is about negotiating a favourable position for the self. We explore the X-Factor within every person. In terms of skills, we help participants define a process which will make others say “Yes”.
Grasping your “superpower”.
Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your “superpower”.
Learn how to negotiate a favourable position for yourself. Know that negotiation is a key skill to success.
Create processes that empower.
Assess and take opportunities.
Mitigate your risk.

Lead others:
This session aims to enhance the participants effectiveness. In a literal sense: we work with the effect that each participant has on the world around him or her. Leadership is about vision and influence. Those who have the courage to achieve their vision, influence others to follow them, and show empathy to those around them, are leaders.
The link between intent and effectiveness.
Using the 5V model to set personal vision.
How the risks you take will shape your future.
Have a plan.
Sell your vision.

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Experience a warm and friendly welcome, unsurpassed service and superb amenities in the grandeur of the Holiday Inn Sandton hotel on Rivonia Road, Johannesburg. At the Holiday Inn Sandton the accommodation is focused around your comfort while never compromising on style or quality.

Located in the heart of Sandton, the hotel is in close proximity of a number of key attractions such as Sandton City, one of the largest shopping centres in the southern hemisphere, and Nelson Mandela Square, which offers a diverse range of restaurants, shops, entertainment and vibrant nightlife. A Gautrain Station is just seconds away, making this the ideal Sandton base for both the business and leisure traveller, offering ease of exploration throughout Johannesburg.

Whether you're overnighting for business, enjoying sundowner cocktails with friends or hosting a conference, Holiday Inn Sandton, Rivonia Road ensures a memorable experience catering for all your requirements.

At Holiday Inn Sandton, you're at the heart of everything we do!
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Continue along Grayston Drive until you reach the intersection of Grayston Drive and Rivonia Road. Turn left into Rivonia Road. At the second traffic light, you will see the Village Walk Shopping Centre on your right. Cross over this traffic light, and Holiday Inn Sandton, Rivonia Road will be on your right-hand side.
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Take the R27 towards Johannesburg. Travel approximately 10km (6 miles). Take the N3 towards Pretoria. Exit at the M1 towards Johannesburg. Take the Grayston Drive off-ramp and turn right onto Grayston Drive. Continue along Grayston Drive until you reach the intersection of Grayston Drive and Rivonia Road. Turn left into Rivonia Road. At the second traffic light, you will see the Village Walk Shopping Centre on your right. Cross over this traffic light, and Holiday Inn Sandton, Rivonia Road will be on your right-hand side.
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