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In orgtology we often use the terms “binary” and “duality” synonymously. Both “binary” and “duality” is something that has two parts. Mostly their difference is that Duality holds opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something. From there the term “dualism”. In orgtology Duality will always show an inverse relationship between two opposing forces. We derive our assumption that they are inverse because in Org opposing forces always draw from the same resource pool. E.g., there is only one resource pool that Org must execute its strategy and run its operations. This means that where we use resources for strategy there are less available for operations, and vice versa. Also, the two parts within a duality must need each other. E.g., without strategy, operations will face irrelevance. Without operations, strategy will have no meaning. They thus form an interdependent whole. Further, they oppose each other because strategy is disruptive whilst operations bring order. Lastly, strategy and operations are distinct and separable. Each part has a clear definition. Jointly they create an inverse duality for Org. In orgtology we have several inverse dual concepts. Some of these are: relevance and performance; leadership and management; repetitive and non-repetitive activity, etc.


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Dualality may refer to: Dual (mathematics), a notion of paired concepts that mirror one another Dual (category theory), a formalization of mathematical duality. Duality theories Dual (grammatical number), a grammatical category used in some languages Dual-Ghia, US-brand of luxury-car of the late 1950s Dual impedance, electrical circuits that are the dual of each other Dual diagnosis, a psychiatric diagnosis of co-occurrence of substance abuse and a mental problem Dual fertilization, simultaneous application of a P-type and N-type fertilizer DUAL (cognitive architecture), an artificial intelligence design model DUAL algorithm, or diffusing update algorithm, used to update Internet protocol routing tables DUAL table, a special one-row and one-column database table Dual SIM cellphone Dual (brand), a manufacturer of Hifi equipment Dual county, referring to a Gaelic Athletic Association county which traditionally competes at a similar level in both Gaelic football and hurling Aerochute International Dual a two-seat Australian powered parachute design.


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