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Parent Hub

A parent hub is a hub that measures the time, cost, or priority (TCP) of all the hubs that feed it. In orgamatics, all activity happens within either a process- or a project- construct. We grasp TCP (time, cost, and priority) by relating the cost of a hub to a parent hub. E.g., if you want to see which strategic programme takes up most of your time, you will turn each programme into a hub. Collectively all the time taken by all strategic programmes will become your parent time hub. To get a ratio, you will then divide the time of a programme by the total time accumulated in the parent hub. In so, a parent hub can for instance be a strategy or a process construct. Lower down, it can also be a system or a programme, etc. E.g., If a process family is a cost hub that costs $50, and the parent of that process family is a system that holds a cost of $200, then the group cost weight of that process family will be “.25”, which means that it consumes 25% of the total system cost. Therefore, a parent hub is the denominator against which we measure a cost hub, time hub, or priority hub.


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Parent Process

A parent process is a process that “gave birth” to other processes. A parent process thus has child processes. In orgamatics, we cluster all processes within systems. These systems create process families, which are processes that we link within a hierarchy. This implies that within these process families, there are parent and child processes. The reason why we create a process hierarchy is to make it more comprehendible and manageable. The reality is that Org has only one process, but its complexities require us to break it down into a structure. In so, a parent process creates child processes to make its complexities easier to comprehend.


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