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In orgtology, the purpose of management is to create order and facilitate performance. We derive the word manage from the Latin word ‘Manus’, meaning hand. To manage thus implies handling, or to handle. Traditionally, management functions included the planning, organizing, activating and controlling of organizational tasks. In 2000 Derek Hendrikz posed that the ultimate outcome of management is to focus, contain, and empower the purpose and systems of Org. managers are the pillars of organization. Where leaders ensure organizational relevance, managers direct and orchestrate organizational performance.


Author - Derek Hendrikz Consulting
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Synonyms - Manage; Manager; Management Dynamics

Masculinity is a projective construct. In Chinese philosophy it is Yang, the aggressor. It is different to “male” which is a biological structure. One can be male but not masculine. In orgtology we hold aspects such as relevance, strategy, chaos, tacit intellect, projects, programmes, effectiveness, and leadership as masculine. In his writings, Derek Hendrikz states that jointly, femininity and masculinity form a binary through which we can create anything.


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Synonyms - Masculine Attributes; Masculinity; M

A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. Mentorship is the guidance that a mentor gives to a mentee. A mentee is the persons who is being mentored. A mentor is often an experienced person in a company or educational institution. Mentorship is quite different to coaching. There is no official authority relation between a mentor and mentee. A mentor will aim to understand the person and will give advice to enhance an individual. In other words, mentorship is not necessarily something that will advance organisational performance and relevance. However, it should always advance individual performance and relevance.


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Synonyms - Mentorship

The direct meaning of a “milestone” is a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place. It is also widely used to mark a significant achievement in a transformation initiative. E.g., the eradication of polio in Africa was a milestone in increasing living standards on this continent. In project management it marks a point in time when we achieved a significant change or stage in development. Project management milestones are always time-based. It points specific or expected achievements on a project timeline.


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MLD Model

MLD stands for Management and Leadership Duality model. Derek Hendrikz created the MLD model in 2016 to show that the relationship between management and leadership is inverse and dual. Their task in Org is to create equilibrium between performance and relevance. The model consists of a primary driver (A); constructive attributes (B); deconstructive attributes (Ψ); and an external environment (Ω). The primary driver is the reason that an entity exists. Constructive attributes are the algorithmic parts of Org. Deconstructive attributes are the disruptive parts of Org. The external environment are the entities who sponsor Org. The International Orgtology Institute has adopted the MLD Model as the official management and leadership model of orgtology.


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A model is a representation of the structure of a theory in whole, or in part. In orgtology, we grasp our theories through orgamatics and organamics. These respectively become the study of workplace systematics and its dynamics. To make all this practical, we create models within the fields that we study. These models give structure to a set of assumptions. In that, we can replicate and imitate them. Models will bring about tools and concepts, which one can then use to apply theories.


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In orgtology we use the term “monitor” as a verb. We monitor something when we observe, check, or keep a continuous record of a process or quantity. As a object a monitor can be a devise that we use to monitor. E.g., a detector, scanner, recorder; etc. We mostly monitor to observe and check the progress or quality of something over a period of time. In other words, it is under systematic review.


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Synonyms - Observe; Watch; Keep an eye on; Keep track of; Track; Keep under observation; Keep watch on; Keep under surveillance; Surveil; Check; Keep a check on; Scan; Examine; Study; Record; Note; Oversee; Supervise













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