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A facilitator is someone or who makes a process easy. Facilitation is different from training in that a facilitator is a process expert but not necessarily a content expert. A trainer needs some content expertise. Mostly a facilitator will help a group or person to grasp their purpose and intent. With this understanding such person or group can engage in meaningful activity. Facilitators also often eases the process of solving problems or conflict situations. In orgtology, we see a consultant as a facilitator that must empower the client entity. During facilitation, the facilitator should remain "neutral".


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Synonyms - Facilitate; Facilitation

Femininity is a receptive construct. In Chinese philosophy it is Yin, the nourisher. It is different to “female” which is a biological structure. One can be female but not feminine. In orgtology we hold aspects such as performance, operations, order, implied intelligence, processes, systems, efficiency, and management as feminine. Jointly, femininity and masculinity form a binary through which we can create anything.


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Synonyms - Feminine Attributes; Femininity
Fixed Cost

Fixed cost (FC) is an expense that does not change with an increase or decrease in production or service delivery. In other words, fixed costs are expenses that must be paid, independent of any business activity. It encapsulates the overheads of Org. FC tend to be time-related, such as interest or rents that you must pay monthly.


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Synonyms - FC

Focus is the ability to concentrate ones mental or physical effort to a specific area of concern. It is a foundational task of management. It decides organizational reality, awakens purpose, and establishes discipline. Without focus, no organization will survive. The practice of focus entails having the authority to work on a specific task within a predetermined period. As with efficiency, focus can induce powerful performance, but does not guarantee relevance. Insight will ensure that we focus on the right things.


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Force of Entropy

The concept “Entropy” originated within the second law of Thermodynamics. It is a measure of the disorder within a system. One can also see it as a measure of chaos. Overall, the natural direction of change in the universe is towards greater disorder. If you leave anything unattended for long enough, it will disintegrate naturally over a period. In orgtology, we view entropy as a natural force that constantly creates disorder within Org. According to Thermodynamics, the natural flow of energy is always from a higher to a lower level. It is never the other way around. Yet, where we isolate energy from its environment, no entropy will take place. The unfortunate thing about isolated energy is that no transformation can take place either. Org needs both, order and chaos to grow in a sustainable way. Entropy’s binary is evolution. Jointly evolution and entropy will stabilize the order / chaos equilibrium of Org.


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Synonyms - Entropy; Disorder; Chaos; FOE

To forecast is to predict or estimate a future event or trend. In orgtology intent is a forecast because it defines the future state of an idea. We use the 5V Model to forecast our intent. A target is also a forecast, since it predicts the outputs of a process or the outcomes of a project.



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Synonyms - Prediction; Estimation; Foretell; Forsee; Forewarn; Predict; Prognosticate; Augur; Prophesy

In orgtology a framework is an order that we create to sustain something. It is that which holds together a physical structure; a system, a concept, or text. In that sense structure; shape; fabric; frame; order; scheme; system; organization; construction; configuration; composition; constitution; architecture; anatomy; etc., are all frameworks.


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In orgtology the frontline are the people who produce the bottom line. We derive the word from a military line or part of an army that is closest to the enemy. We mostly call them "the front-line troops". In Org we see the frontline as those who are in the most important or influential position to affect immediate change.


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