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5V Model

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5V Model

5V is a robust model that creates five vision statements. These visions are the five super goals of Org. With 5V we create chunks of triumph that Org can chew. This will aid a focused strategy. To this date, the 5V Model has proven its application value in a myriad of organisations. Derek Hendrikz developed the 5V Model in 2006 to guide strategic direction and choice. It is well known that vision drives strategy. Yet, mostly the gap between vision and a current reality is too wide. It is often impossible to close the gap between current and desired reality because the vision is to unattainable. As result, strategy often becomes an end, instead of being a means to an end. A common remedy given by theorists is to create a quantifiable vision. But this will kill the ability to dream without limits. To resolve this, Derek created a ladder of five vision statements, each being a strategic Super Goal. It starts with V1, which is a non-quantifiable and ultimate vision. Then we go to V2, which is a dream that ends 15-years from now. Then we go to V3, a 10-year dream. From there we work with V4, which typifies an achievable goal for the end of a strategic period. Our last statement is V5, which defines a 12-month goal. In so, V4 becomes the primary driver of the 5V Model because it shows the end of a strategic period.


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