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Theory Ix on Intelligence

Theory Ix on Intelligence - Orgtology
To define intelligence is no simple task. There is no unchallenged definition to date. To put that in perspective, we have a better understanding of the universe than we do of intelligence. In fact, scientist have more math on parallel universes than they have on intelligence. In orgtology, we look at how people apply themselves in diverse situatio...
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Theory 2I - Understanding Orgtelligence

Theory 2I of Orgtelligence
Orgtelligence is the sum of the systems intelligence and human intellect within Org. This means that organisations have two types of intelligence. The first is implied. This is an algorithm - a set of rules that drives activity, which delivers a predictable output. For humans, breathing is an example. For Org, the flow of work is one. The second is...
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Using the 4-Window Map (4WM) to resolve EOP problems

4WMW Model of Orgamatics
The 4-Window Map (4WM) is an orgamatics tool. I designed it in 2006 as a tool that can deal with complex problems in a simple way. Currently, Orgtologists use it to grasp and resolve organisational problems. In orgamatics, most organisational problems relate to EOP, which stands for Exposure, Opportunities, and Process. The post "The EOP Analy...
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How to do an EOP Analysis

EOP Ananlysis
EOP is an acronym that we use for Exposure, Opportunities, and Process. In my post "The EOP Analysis – redefining how we understand organisations" I explain EOP. It is an understanding of organisational reality. There are quite a few ways to do an EOP analysis. This could range from a conversation to in-depth research. Below are some of the methods...
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