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What is Orgamatics?

Introduction to Orgamatics
Orgamatics is an orgtology field of study where one uses scientific method to create strategy and ensure operational efficiency. The term blends the two words, "organisation" and "mathematics". In so, it denotes the mathematical construct of an organisation. The basic assumption of orgamatics Through the study of organisational duality, we can unde...
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What is Org?

What is an Organisation?
Orgtology is about understanding organisations. It thus makes sense to know what an organisation is. One will agree that you do not create a child when registering it with a Home Affairs department. In so, registering a company does not create Org. Like human life, Org begins in consciousness. This is an awareness of purpose and an intent to surviv...
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Hypothesis 2x on Inverse Duality

Hypothesis 2x of Inverse Duality
Hypothesis 2x – the Foundation of Orgtology Hypothesis 2x opens the study of orgtology. It creates its theories and philosophy. Its basic premise is that an Organisation can only exist if activity interacts. In so, an organisation exists through relations and relationships.To relate, entities must interact. Interaction is a cycle of projecting and ...
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