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Sameness and Difference – the core of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion – an Orgtology perspective

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion - an Orgtology Perspective
I am Caucasian, male, 52 years old, and speak with an Afrikaans accent. It is my fixed identity. Physically I cannot be anything else than that. Yet mentally I can be an incredible variety of that. My body is an algorithm. It restricts me. My mind is abstract. It frees me. Jointly, they become an expression of who and what I am. As humans we expres...
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© Derek Hendrikz: 2021-01-25

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Theory Ex on Identity

Orgtology Theory Ex on Identity
"What makes us different, and in which ways are we the same? What incites our conflicts, for there are so many to blame...I want to be me yet cannot survive without we...But what then is left of me if I must crucify myself unto a collective we?Thus, the question remains - who am I and who are we? Derek Hendrikz: 2013 The basic assumption on Theory ...
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