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Orgamatics is one of the two arms of orgtology that studies the systematics of organisations. It has three basic systems that we use to grasp and work with a Relevant and Performing Organisation (RPO).

The orgtelligence system is the second of the orgamatics systems. In this study we aim to grasp the most effective way to keep an organisation relevant and performing.

Orgtelligence is the sum of process intelligence and human intelect within Org. To increase its orgtelligence, Org must monitor and evaluate its organisational activity and then process feedback so that it can create new feedback loops that will increase the chances of its future survival.

Areas that resort here are: quality and quantity effectiveness; the project construct; RPO maturity; EOP; strategy; risk management; change management; monitoring and evaluation; human resource development; performance assessment; internal audit; financial accounting; financial management; project management; reporting; etc.

Below are resources that will help you to gain an introductory understanding of the orgtelligence system.

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The Project Construct

What is a project construct?

Negotiate effectiveness through outcome targets


Understanding your Organisation

The EOP Analysis - redefining how we understand Org.

How to do an EOP analysis.

Using the 4-Window Map (4WM) to resolve EOP problems


Strategy Development

An orgamatics framework for developing and managing strategy.

The difference between mission and vision - an orgtology perspective.

How to create vision through the 5V Model.

How to write an executive summary for a strategy document.

  IOI Quality Standards for "Develop a Strategy"

Risk Management


Employee Performance Management


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