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Orgamatics is one of the two arms of orgtology that studies the systematics of organisations. It has three basic systems that we use to grasp and work a Relevant and Performing Organisation (RPO).

The resource system is the first of three orgamatics systems. In this study we aim to grasp the most efficient way to acquire and manage the people, money, and assets that an organisation needs to survive.

Some of the areas that resort here are: time cost and priority (TCP) efficiency; the process construct; organisational design and structure; recruitment and selection; discipline management; employee wellness; employee exit; procurement; logistics; fleet management; facilities management; asset management; payroll management; budgeting; cost management; quality management; lean manufacturing; sales; etc.

Below are resources that will help you to gain an introductory understanding of the resource system.

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The Process Construct

What is a process construct?

How to engineer a process construct.

Six steps to creating process flow for a process construct.

How to develop system and process briefs.

The difference between a target, an output, and an outcome.

Creating targets for a process construct.

How to translate operational targets from bottom to top in a process construct.

The work of a process team.

How to audit a process construct.

How to develop a statement of accountability for a process construct.


Policies and Procedures


Organisational Design and Structure


Recruitment & Selection




Cost Management

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